What's New?

Everything new in TinyHire, plus what we're working on next

30/12/19 - Removed Careers Site and Added Job Board 💡

More and more companies have a careers site already built into their website, and we wanted to supplement that rather than replace it. Our job board works for companies both with a careers site, and without.

  • Job Listings PageA clear list of job vacancies that display the job title and it's location.
  • Job Detail PageMore information about the job, this could include a description, perks or requirements.
  • Application FormCustomisable application forms that are clear and easy to fill out.

03/12/19 - New Name and Redesign ✏️

Introducing… TinyHire! Our new identity. We decided the name TinyHire better suits our mission of being a simple ATS. As well as a complete redesign with optimised UX and added features:

  • Custom DomainSet up a custom domain to better integrate TinyHire with your brand.
  • ActionsThe ability to run specific actions in response to events that happen in your workspace.
  • MailboxKeep all of your recruitment mail in one place with your provided TinyHire email address.
  • TagsAssign keywords to a candidate and use them to easily search and filter with in your candidate pool.
  • SourceLearn how your candidates are finding you, such as through job boards like Indeed.
  • Custom FieldsStore business specific information on your candidates and use it to search and filter with in your candidate pool.
  • Real Time AnalyticsRecords of visitors to your careers site, showing you how many people have viewed your site, applied to your postings and more.

08/11/19 - Added Features 🌈

  • MentionsStart a dialogue by mentioning your team in notes, sending them an instant notification.
  • RatingsEach user can evaluate a candidate based on 1-5 stars, creating an average overall rating.
  • Custom EmailsCustomise the email that will be sent to candidates after applying for a job on business-level or job-level.
  • Form BuilderBuild application forms with a selection of question types to get the answers you need.
  • Candidate ViewEasily accessible, clear layout of all important candidate information.
  • Qualify/DisqualifyEliminate applications by easily disqualifying candidates from the process.

13/10/19 - Improvements ⭐️

  • New application formAn updated application form that pulls the colours from your careers site to reinforce your employer brand.
  • Application view redesignNew applications-view layout, this will allow us to scale features in the future and better fits the Luna brand.
  • New websiteA replacement for the launch landing page, uses our new Luna branding and better explains our product to potential customers.
  • Updated settings viewNow easier to navigate with most sections split into their own pages for better linking around the app.
  • More efficient file uploadsImage uploads on the careers site are now resized and optimised to ensure the best performance and speed.

15/09/19 - Luna 1.0 🚀

We launched the first version of Luna! Our core mission is to create the simplest recruitment software for modern businesses without the bloat. Our initial feature set is a foundation we want to build on with further integrations and many UX improvements.