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Our plan includes all these great features:
Unlimited JobsAdvertise as many jobs as you like onto your job board.
Unlimited UsersAdd as many users as you like, invite your entire team to collaborate on your recruitment efforts.
NotificationsReceive in-app or email notifications for new applications, pipeline activity, and much more.
NotesLeave notes on candidates to share information with your team.
MentionsStart a dialogue by mentioning your team in notes, sending them an instant notification.
RatingsEach user can evaluate a candidate based on 1-5 stars, creating an average overall rating.
Live UpdatesReal-time alerts keep you informed on applications and activity from your team.
User RolesManage your team members permissions within your TinyHire workspace.
TimelineKeep track of your teams activity.
Custom PipelinesTailor the hiring stages for jobs at business-level or job-level.
Kanban ApplicationsView applications in a drag-and-drop flow, giving you a clear picture of your pipeline.
TriggersSet up automatic actions in response to certain events, e.g., when a candidate is moved into ‘Interview’, send them an email.
Auto Profile MergeAutomatically combines applications by email address, no duplicates.
Custom EmailsCustomise the emails that are sent to candidates throughout the hiring process, on business-level or job-level.
Mobile-friendlyMobile-optimised job board and application forms.
TagsAssign keywords to a candidate and use them to easily search and filter with in your candidate pool.
Custom DomainSet up a custom domain to better integrate your TinyHire job board with your brand.
Candidate PoolScan through a storage of all candidates who have applied for a position at your company.
ActivityA timeline of candidate events including application progress.
Qualify/DisqualifyEliminate applications by easily disqualifying candidates from the process.
Form BuilderBuild application forms with a selection of question types to get the answers you need.
SourceTrack how your candidates are finding you - e.g. through job boards like Indeed.
Custom FieldsStore business specific information on your candidates and use it to search and filter with in your candidate pool.
Real-Time AnalyticsTracks visitors to your job board and shows you how many people have applied to your postings.
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