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What Is the Candidate Pool?

The candidate pool is a storage place for every candidate who applies for a position at your company. We display this information in a clear table with relevant details available at a glance.

Our filters allow you to find the candidates you're looking for based on the following:

  • First or last name

  • Creation date

  • Star rating

  • Qualified or disqualified

  • Read or unread

  • Cv or no CV

  • Applications (job titles)

  • Stage (interview etc.)

  • Tags

To filter your candidates:

1. On the sidebar, go to 'Candidates'.

2. You can either filter by name or you can select from the advanced filter options.

3. Tick the checkbox next to the filter(s) that you wish to apply. You can apply multiple filters to one search.

4. Fill in the drop-down of options and press 'Apply'.

5. Your results will show. To refresh your search, press 'Clear all'.