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How to Disqualify a Candidate from a Job

1. On the sidebar, go to 'Candidates'.

2. Press into a candidate to open the candidate view.

3. Scroll down to the Jobs section and press 'Disqualify'.

4. Select a Disqualification Reason from the drop-down menu.

Note: You can add a reason on this form. Alternatively, you can manage the Default Disqualification Reasons in Workflow Settings.

5. Next, choose to send a rejection email to the candidate using the switch labeled 'Send Rejection Email'. Switch it to 'on' (blue) or leave it as 'off' (grey). Learn more.

6. To complete, press 'Disqualify'.

7. The candidate is now disqualified from this job and the reason will appear in red in the Jobs section.

6. To requalify a candidate - simply press 'Requalify'.