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Candidate View

To open a candidate view:

1. On the sidebar, go to 'Candidates'.

2. On the candidate table, press into a candidate.

Note: You will be automatically dropped into the candidate view after creating a candidate.

A candidate view includes:

Rating: The average overall rating of the candidate, displayed from 1 to 5 stars.

Candidate details: Quick access to important candidate details (full name, email, contact number and CV).

Tags: Assign keywords to a candidate and use them to easily search and filter with in your candidate pool.

Job Applications: A table that displays the job(s) that the candidate has applied to, with the current stage that application is in, for example: Interview.

Answers: Answers provided by the candidate whilst completing their application form.

Activity: A timeline of candidate events including application progress and any new applications.

Notes: Users can leave notes on a candidate and mention colleagues, sending them a notification which will take them to the candidate view and your note.

Files: Any files associated with the candidate and the ability to assign a file as the candidate's CV.