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TinyHire is the smart software alternative to costly recruitment agencies


Optimise your recruitment process

The companies that hire the best talent are those with well-organised recruitment. Keep everything stored centrally and accessible across your company.

Build and browse your candidate pool

Create a central database of candidates with an unlimited amount of storage, so you can find ideal previous applicants when new jobs come up.

Effective collaboration and teamwork

Work together on recruitment with notes, mentions and notifications for easy communication and collaborative decision-making.
FlexibleRecruitment -
Your way
Create a hiring workflow that works for you and your team.
Bespoke Job PipelinesTake control of your hiring workflow with customisable job pipelines. Tailor the way you hire to each role or set up a default pipeline that applies to all new job vacancies you create.
Disqualification ReasonsCreate reusable reasons to keep track of why candidates were disqualified from the process. You can select them again later if needed.
AdaptableEasy customisationMould TinyHire to your unique hiring process.
Custom FieldsStore business-specific information on your candidate profiles to keep note of qualities that are important to your team.
Automated EmailsCreate customised confirmation and rejection emails for each job vacancy, automating this process keeps your candidates informed with zero effort.
SecureKeep your data secure and compliantDon’t worry about privacy data and security. We handle it all for you.
1GDPRTinyHire is 100% GDPR compliant and no information is stored beyond what you have agreed to share.
1User DataUsers can export their personal and/or workspace data at any time, including candidate and job data.
1Candidate DataDeleting candidate data removes all personal information and leaves no trace on any server.
StorageStore unlimited profiles in your talent poolBuild a database bursting with talent. All candidates automatically get an individual profile and users can add an unlimited amount of data or files to each candidate.
1SearchWhenever a new vacancy comes up, users can search the talent pool to find the ideal candidate and recommend for the post.
1FilterSearch by name or filter down by other criteria such as date added, jobs applied for, tags, star rating, and disqualified.
1RateEach team member can give a star rating to every candidate, based on their profile, experience, and suitability for the job.
DynamicMore than just a static job boardOur job board allows you to build bespoke application forms with your own questions and custom fields, as well as create a unique link for each job listing, and share the listing across platforms such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster - quickly and easily.
Collect the data you needDesign your application forms to get all the information you need from a candidate. You can build a new form for each job listing, or re-use them as you wish. Use a simple toggle system to request common information such as CV, phone number, and cover letter.
Custom form fieldsCreate your own questions to appear on the application form. This powerful feature makes it easy to create a professional and easy-to-complete form. The style and appearance is flexible and versatile, which means you can create a form that fits any type of business.
Unique URLEach company is given a unique domain url for their job board using * format. For example: You can also link your own custom domain to your job board.
Add your company logoBuild your brand visibility and awareness by adding your company logo to your job board home page and job listing headers. Brand consistency is essential for successful growth, especially when it comes to recruiting the best talent.

With a simple-to-use interface that lets you easily create jobs, add candidate data, and use powerful analytic tools to link it all up, TinyHire is the perfect tool for small to medium-sized businesses looking to take control of their recruitment.

SmartAutomate and organise your hiring activitiesTinyHire has several automated job features to make things more streamlined.
1TriggersActions can be automatically triggered by moving a candidate along in the hiring pipeline. You can automate:
  • Making a note on the candidate’s profile
  • Sending the candidate a custom email
1Organise JobsAssign each job one of three job states:
  • Published - Job appears on job board
  • Private - Candidates need a link to apply
  • Draft - Job cannot accept applications
1Qualified/DisqualifiedYou can view qualified and disqualified applicants in the job view. Switch between the two views and see the reasons for disqualification and the hiring stage they were at when it occurred.
1NotificationsFollow jobs to receive instant updates on the hiring process and stay in the loop with real-time notifications for all actions available in the app.
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